Friday, September 12, 2008

The Craziness of Fall

Yes, it's hard to believe but Fall is fast approaching. School has started for everyone and life is still hectic! We've had fun over the summer hanging out, playing in the pool, camping (although we didn't get to go as much as we would have liked to- Do you ever get to?!?), Lagoon, swimming lesson, football camps, playing with friends and all that good stuff! Here is just a bit of what is going on in our crazy lives-

Wyatt is in 5th grade and goes out to Jefferson Elementary. He is playing Grid Kid football and LOVES it! The little All-Star! There have been 2 games so far and he has made 2 touchdowns each time. Plays both offense and defense and is so pumped because not only is he the Quarterback but his Dad is the assistant coach. So fun for the whole family to go and watch!

McKray is a 3rd grader and has been playing flag football on the Seahawks team until earlier this week when out riding Brynlee's motorbike and had a bit of an accident resulting in fracturing his arm- he now gets to sport a splint for a few weeks. A big tease as always.

Brynlee is now going to afternoon Kindergarten. She hates the fact that the 'football' bus doesn't come earlier in the day. She loves it and comes home almost everyday with a new song she learned. Soccer was her activity this summer and you could sure tell this little aggressive chick has some older brothers! :)

Quyncee gets to go to the 'Big Kid Preschool' class now- 3 days a week. Which if you ask her she would rather be there everyday. Kind of lonely being home without her big sister who has always been there. She loves riding around the yard in her Pink Escalade she got for her birthday.

We've all been busy working around the house and are currently in the process of getting the backyard done- it will be so nice when it's all put together. Lance had a blast being able to use an excavator to move rocks around one weekend.


Cassie said...

Well, well, well. Look who I found. Yay!!!!! Sounds like you are all settling into the new school year. I hope McKray is healing up nice and fast. I want pics of the backyard project! I imagine it is so beautiful. So glad you are in the blog world with us. gets addicting.

Lucy said...

Hi Rachel. Sounds like a fun summer to me. Very cool blog spot you have here, too!

Bobbi said...

You are one busy Momma! It is good to see how your family is doing.

Maegan said...

Hey Rachel! Found your blog on Audreys. You have such a cute family. It sounds like you had a fun summer!
Maegan (Savage)